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About us


The phonetic translation of the company name into Chinese reads “flying horse” because to us it expresses the ability to transcent borders and obstacles. The horse is a traditional Chinese Symbol of strength and performance, hence “flying horse” embodies our belief as a company philosophy.

Dr. Jur. Matthias Mitscherlich is part of our advisory council. He has held many positions of high esteem over the course of his career such as the chairman of the board of MAN Ferrostaal AG as well as the Athens International Airport S.A.

Prof. Eng. Wei Luan is the founder, CEO and the embodiment of the soul of Famous. In over 20 years of successful operations he has built many valuable connections to the German and Chinese industry, economy and political spheres.

His ideology could be transcribed as “never forget where you are from, who your parents are and those who have once supported you.” His business philosophy is “Hold yourself up to the highest moral standards – as a person and as a businessman.”


Hold yourself up to the highest moral standards – as a person and as a member of the business world. Never forget where you are from, who your parents are and the ones who have supported you.

Company history

Jahreszahl 1991

In the 1990s Famous imported high-quality precision measuring tools such as high-precision calipers, altimeters and marking devices from China to the German and European market.

Altes Firmengelände der Famous Industrial Group in Bochum
Jahreszahl 1995

Between 1995 and 2002 Famous bought and relocated three major Germany industrial plants from Germany to China. They are still one of the most modern plants of their kind today.

Luftaufnahme der Kokerei Kaiserstuhl in Dortmund
Jahreszahl 2005

Famous purchased the former company headquarters of the Japanese company SEIKO.

Luftaufnahme von dem Firmengelände der Famous Industrial Group in Düsseldorf
Jahreszahl 2007

In recent years the main focus has shifted to underground climatization and tunneling. Since 2017 Famous belongs to the most renowned suppliers in underground climatization and is one of the market leaders to this day.

Luftaufnahme vom Firmengelände der WAT in Hamminkeln


Firmenstruktur der Famous Industrial Group

Fields of business

Geschäftsfelder der Famous Industrial Group

Social engagement

Famous regards it as its duty to act socially responsible. Social and sustainable projects in Germany and China are part of our corporate code of conduct.

Atemschutzmasken in China
Famous and CIHD donate medical goods for Chinese companies

Sichuan University in China
Famous scholarship recipients at a Sichuan University, China

Soccer team in Bochum
Famous sponsored an adolescent soccer team in Bochum, Germany

Qian Garden Bochum
Famous supported the renovations at Qian Gardens in Bochum, Germany

 GO tournament
Famous sponsored a GO tournament in Bochum, Germany

Road in Yantai
Famous sponsored the construction of this road in Prof. Luan’s hometown in Yantai, China