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Jahreszahl 1995

Luftaufnahme der Kohleaufbereitungsanlage Haus Monopol in Bergkamen


In 1995 Famous purchased the coal preparation plant of the coal mine “Haus Monopol” in Bergkamen from the Deutsche Steinkohle AG.

Famous headed the sale, disassembly and subsequent transport to China. Today the plant is successfully run by SDIC Xinji Energy Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese coal producer in the
Eastern province Anhui.

Jahreszahl 1998

Luftaufnahme der Kohleaufbereitungsfabrik Sophia Jacoba in Hückelhoven


1998 Famous purchased the coal preparation plant “Sophia Jacoba” of the mineral coal mine Hückelhoven and sold it to SDIC Xinji Energy C., Ltd., a large coal producer in Eastern China. 100 Chinese experts were part of the disassembly over the course of 8 months. Today the relocated plant is the most modern one of its kind.

Jahreszahl 2001



In 2001 Famous won a tender for a new CNC-operated fully automatic food processing line. Famous headed up engineering, sales, delivery, commissioning and technical support of a stainless steel vegetable processing plant spanning 128m. With this line the Chinese food processor Chongqing Fuling Zhacai Co., Ltd. was able to completely process, conserve and package freshly harvested vegetables at a constant rate.

Jahreszahl 2002

Luftaufnahme der Kokerei Kaiserstuhl in Dortmund


The coking plant Kaiserstuhl of the Westfalenhütte Dortmund was the most modern kind in the world at the time of its disassembly. After only eight years of operation it was shut down due to profitability reasons.

2002: Purchase of coking plant from RAG AG
2003: Sale to China’s largest coal mining corporation
2003: Disassembly by 300 Chinese technical workers
2004: Reassembly in Jinin, Shandong Province in China
2006: Commissioning and beginning of coke production

Jahreszahl 2004

Blattfedernfabrik von Thyssenkrupp


Famous purchased the compound spring plant from the Thyssen-Krupp Federn GmbH in Werdohl and began dismantling in March of 2004. In July 2004 the entire plant was disassembled, loaded and shipped to Liaoning. There the plant received a second life: stretching across 22 000 m2 around 150 workers are still producing parabolic springs fpr international manufacturers of trucks, buses and trains.

Smart Electrical Vehicle Trade Center

After a thorough analysis of the German market for electric cars – and the realization of a continuing demand – FAMOUS invests in the construction of the “Smart Electrical Vehicle Trade Center” in the North Rhine-Westphalian capital Düsseldorf. The aim of the project is to build a platform for international trade, exhibition and marketing, as well as generating offline experience of e-vehicles, and to establish further experience centers and sales networks throughout Europe.

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